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What’s the impact of one water bottle?

Posted by: | Posted on: November 12, 2018

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of one discarded water bottle?

A recent article from GreenPeace states that “12 million tons of plastic is entering our oceans every year”. That same article cites that “roughly 80% of litter in the seas comes from land”. That means the wind and waves are bringing our leftover containers and bags from the beach into our waterways.


The most noticeable impact of discarded bottles is pollution. The final destination for many these bottles is on the beach shore (ironically, where they probably began). Not only does this pollute our land and create an eyesore, but it is toxic to the many forms of wildlife that live in and around the water.

What's the Impact of one water bottle

Recently, it was discovered by Chris Jordan that many Pacific Albatross die because of all of the plastic they ingest. To illustrate this, he photographed the remains of many of these birds. Chris found plastic containers and caps in nearly all of their stomachs. With no room for food to be processed, these birds died of starvation.

One Solution – a Reusable Water Bottle

We’re all familiar with the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” – yet bottled water is still a very common sale in America. Just imagine how much plastic could be eliminated from the ocean if everyone switched to a reusable!

A reusable bottle is not only better for the environment, but for your wallet too. Investing in one good bottle will improve your efforts to stay hydrated, keep trash out of the landfill (and off beaches), and will help protect the environment all at the same time.


Last month, our company decided to purchase these Cupanion water bottles for everyone in the office that wanted one. While the bottle is great by itself, the Fill It Forward™ scan tag really maximizes its impact.

By downloading their app to your phone and scanning the tag with each refill, you can see your personal environmental impact. At the same time, it helps you to track your water intake throughout the day. Most importantly, your bottle scans help to fund clean water projects internationally.


Teamwork makes the Dream Work

One of the best ways to multiply results is to make it a team event. It’s a fun way to encourage both competition and accountability – which both bring improved results. We’ve decided on an office goal for the month of November to have 400 refills (there are 11 of us doing this) over the 20 working days of the month. We have a goal chart that each person fills in every time they hit 25 refills.


To meet our company goal, everyone needs to do their part. That fosters an environment of positivity and teamwork. Hopefully, we’ll be able to increase the goal to 450 or 500 for December!

So, what is the impact of one Cupanion water bottle? For our office, it has made us all more aware of our environmental impact, got us all thinking about staying hydrated more, and in the long run, should make us all healthier.

The Cupanion water bottle featured here is just $9.95 and includes the Fill It Forward™ tag. To learn more or purchase yours, click the link above.

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