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CBISA Client Testimonials

“At the University of Utah we use CBISA to capture all of the K-12 engagement activities by the University community. This data helps us to create the story of how impactful our University is to the K-12 education community in hopes to create and promote a college going culture in our city.”
– Rachel Lucchini Everitt, Office of Engagement University of Utah

“I felt that the community benefit tracking and reporting process within my organization was efficient – that is until we brought the CBISA software on-line. Everything in CBISA from data entry to running reports, is very logical and straightforward. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things community benefit. The added bonus is a support team that is accessible, friendly and very knowledgeable about their product.”
– Kim Davidson, Director of Community Outreach at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center

“I would be lost without CBISA. It is incorporated into all aspects of my tracking and reporting of Community Benefits here at Union Hospital of Cecil County. It is so much a part of my work routine that increasing the utilization of CBISA is now a part of my FY 2012 individual goals for my department. I am required this Fiscal Year to more heavily utilize the Objectives and Indicators subsections of the Programs section, the Narratives section, and the Outcomes section. This will help our organization track program/activity progress and detail at a more comprehensive level. I am looking forward to providing our community and staff with a more in-depth look at Union Hospital’s Community Benefits.”
– Jean-Marie Donahoo, Community Benefits Coordinator at Union Hospital of Cecil County

“CBISA has helped to simplify the community benefit reporting process for our organization and is very user friendly. It is very easy to customize the database to meet our specific reporting needs and the reporting tool is very useful as it allows me to customize reports using various attributes. I am also very pleased with the relationship our organization has with Lyon Software and have found their entire team to be friendly and supportive.”
– Deborah Blake, Texas Health Resources

“The staff at Lyon Software are always prompt and efficient when offering support, and respond with undivided attention, as if you were the one and only user of the system.”
– Eileen L. Barsi, Dignity Health

“The community benefit reports generated through our online CBISA program are the “official” expense reports used at Dignity Health for reporting the unsponsored community benefit expenses of our 40 hospitals. Though it has taken training and persistence, our efforts to ensure comprehensive capture of activities and expenses in a standardized fashion have yielded results that have greatly increased our confidence in the integrity of the data. The CBISA program is not only simple to use, it produces a plethora of reporting formats that meet the needs of varied audiences. The staff at Lyon Software are always prompt and efficient when offering support, and respond with undivided attention, as if you were the one and only user of the system.”
– Eileen L. Barsi, Dignity Health

“Given the focus on reporting community benefits to so many agencies in many different formats, this system will allow us to present timely and accurate information to those agencies.”
– Tiffany Pace, Christus Health, Houston, TX


Training Testimonials (from anonymous session evaluation forms)

“Excellent! I learned more in the first hour than I had in the last four years on my own”

“Software seems very easy to use and materials were very clear.”

“Very helpful and motivated me to keep up with programs rather than just letting my team do it. Also made me appreciate what they do!”

“I appreciated the ‘hands on’ mixed with discussion.”

“Held my interest which is virtually impossible!”

“Great piece of software – love the intuitiveness and flexibility.”

“Instructor simplified the program and made it easy to understand. Explained it well. Made it seem like this will be a fun program to be in charge of!”

“I felt a bit overwhelmed before attending this training; however, now I understand the material and can explain it to others.”

“I wish I had come to a session earlier! This was so needed!”

“Manual very well laid out with easily understood instructions. I was very pleased with the day.”