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Frequently Asked Questions About CBISA™

Question 1: Help! I don’t remember my password. How do I login?

Answer: You have a few options. You can:

  • Click “Reset Forgotten Password” on your login screen and then follow the steps provided to create your new password, OR:
  • Contact a CBISA System Administrator or Coordinator within your organization (such as a supervisor) who can reset your password for you, OR:
  • Email our support team at support@lyonsoftware.com and we will gladly reset your password for you!

Question 2: ¡Ayúdame! I know I have Programs/Occurrences I’ve seen before, but now they’re not there! Where did they go and how can I get them back?

Answer: What’s most likely happening is one or more of your search fields atop the display grid on your screen is populated with text, and is thus limiting the entries you’re able to see onscreen. Remove the content from the search field(s), and your full list of entries will return.

Question 3: Help! I’m new here – where the heck do I go to enter or view Occurrences?

Answer: The quickest, most direct way to find your Occurrences screen for a Program is to click the underlined number found in the Occurrences column for that Program, on the far right edge of the Programs screen. If you’re already on the Edit or View screen for a Program, you can reach the Occurrences screen for that Program by clicking the Occurrences button at the bottom of that screen.

Question 4: Aide-moi! I have a new user I need to add into CBISA, or I myself need to be added.  How is that done?

Answer: Fear not – it’s easy! Just go to Defaults and select Users from the drop menu. If the Add button on the Users screen is grayed out, then you do NOT have access to add users, and you’ll need to contact someone else in your Organization who does in order to move forward. If the Add button is active for you, then click it to add in your new user.

Question 5: Help! I need to update rates for my facility/organization for the new fiscal year. What’s the best way to do it?

Answer: Average hourly salary rates can be entered for an active fiscal year by going to Defaults>Reporting Unit>Financial Defaults and typing the new rates into the blank salary field(s) on the left side of the screen. To update Department rates, go to Defaults>Departments for the new active year, select (or multi-select) your applicable Department(s), click Edit, and then enter rates as needed. Once there, the option is also there to “bring forward” rates from the previous year, if preferred.

Question 6: Jinkies! I’m told there are pending entries in need of importing. Where do I find them and how do I import them?

Answer: To import Occurrences (the most common example of entries in need of import), you’ll start by selecting Option 4 in the Filter Programs menu on the Programs screen. To reach your pending Occurrences from there, just click the number displayed in the Occurrences column for any displayed Program to reach the pending Occurrences screen. To import an Occurrence once you’re there, just click Edit and then scroll down and click Import Record at the bottom left of the open Occurrence screen.  Then repeat the process for any additional pending entries. When all are done, click the Programs tab and restore your Filter Programs menu back to Option 1 to return your Programs display grid back to normal.*

*Other pending entries are imported as described below:

Indicators/Measurements – Select Option 4 from Filter Indicators menu, select an Indicator and click Edit, scroll down and click Import Record, which you’ll see if the Indicator itself is pending. For Measurements, you’ll continue scrolling down and then click to select any applicable pending Measurements at the bottom of the screen, and then click Edit. Then click Import Record at the bottom left. NOTE: If you know the host Indicator is NOT pending and only its added Measurement(s) is in need of import, you can skip a step by just clicking the number displayed in the Measurements Count column, then click Edit, then click Import Record.

Outcomes – Select Option 3 from Filter Outcomes menu, select an Outcome and click Edit, scroll down and click Import Record.

Narratives – Select Option 3 from Filter Narratives menu, select a Narrative and click Edit, scroll down and click Import Record.

Question 7: Mercy me! How do I go about importing data into my Financial Services screens?

Answer: For detailed instructions on this, go to any Financial Services screen and click Help in the upper right corner. You’ll then find links within the Help screen to take you either to written instructions or to a tutorial video, both of which provide a full rundown of the importing process.