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The Catholic Health Association (CHA)

For nearly 20 years, CHA has been a leader in the community benefit field, helping not-for-profit healthcare organizations fulfill their community benefit mission. Read More

Association of Community Health Improvement

The Association for Community Health Improvement (ACHI) is a national association for community health, healthy communities and community benefit. ACHI convenes and supports leaders from the health care, public health, community and philanthropic sectors to help achieve shared community health goals, and work with hundreds of members to strengthen community health through education, peer networking and the dissemination of practical tools.  Read More

Caring for Communities

The American Hospital Association’s Community Connections initiative is designed to help hospitals reaffirm their rightful place as a valued and vital community resource that merits broad public support. At a time when so much of what we do is called into question, it’s essential that policy makers and the public get a complete picture of the work we do, not just the business we are in.  Read More

Community Benefit Connect

Community Benefit Connect is a group of community benefit professionals – hospital leaders and interested stakeholders – who want to build a learning community dedicated to improving health. The website communitybenefitconnect.org is a one-stop resource for hospital community benefit, sharing information, people, practices and resources. The website provides a network of members offering practical support through a resource library, compliance information, discussion groups, webinars, blogs and research studies on community benefit practices.  Read More


Community Benefit Consultants


Mary S. DeMois

Mary S. DeMois provides expertise in the measurement and reporting of community benefit for the IRS Schedule H as well as other audiences (i.e. governance). With financial education and experience, but incorporating a broader view of the organization and community benefit, Mary brings a unique skill set and perspective to development and implementation of processes to support accurate reporting for individual hospitals and multi-hospital organizations.  Read More

Melissa Biel, DPA, RN

Dr. Melissa Biel has over 25 years experience in the nonprofit and health care fields. She works with a variety of nonprofit health care clients locally in Southern California, regionally and nationally. Melissa has extensive experience supporting organizations’ community based planning efforts, and facilitating collaborative action at a local level. Her areas of expertise include nursing certification, community benefit planning for nonprofit hospitals, strategic planning, program evaluation, data collection and analysis, grant writing, and conducting community needs assessments.  Read More

Joan K. Lindenstein, MHA, FACHE

Joan K. Lindenstein, MHA, FACHE is recognized leader in the creation of healthier communities and community benefit. She is an innovative and versatile healthcare executive with successful leadership and managerial experience. Joan has unique expertise in community benefit, coalition building, integrative health and wellness, behavioral healthcare, rural healthcare, and project management.  Read More

Verité Healthcare Consulting

Verité uniquely delivers services across the full breadth of community benefit, helping health care organizations comply with 501(r) requirements by: providing recommendations for accurate Schedule H reporting; establishing or updating financial assistance policies; conducting community health needs assessments; and developing implementation strategies. Verité also advises on effective community benefit department and staff infrastructure, and integration with corporate strategic plans.  Read More

Dora Barilla, DrPH – HC2 Strategies Inc

HC2 Strategies Inc, is a a consulting company that inspires health systems and communities to transform the delivery of health and healthcare, creating healthy communities. We believe that strategy should be authentic and based on its mission and purpose rooted in the needs of the community. Connecting community needs to strategy is crucial to improve the health and well being of entire communities. Our areas of expertise include community health needs assessments, pro-active community benefits, population health, strategy, and innovation.  Read More

Jennifer Driscoll, Executive Healthcare Consultant – JPD Consulting, LLC

Jennifer Driscoll is a Healthcare Strategy Consultant with over eighteen years of continually expanding responsibility as an executive healthcare strategist and consultant serving in various capacities across New England. Jennifer specializes in assisting organizations in fulfilling their charitable mission by aligning their community need assessment with their organizational strategy. Read More

Leah Gonzalez, MPH

Leah Gonzalez, MPH is a public health professional with over a decade of experience in public health programming and analysis and over four years of experience in Community Benefit tracking and reporting.  Her areas of expertise include a vast understanding of what counts as community benefit and tax-exempt hospital community benefit work; streamlining processes for capturing community benefit dollars; proficiency in Community Benefit tracking software; developing the methodology behind capturing complex community benefit data; community benefit training and communications; Community Health Needs Assessments and implementation plans; and community program development and analysis.  Read More

Cindy Levey, MPH

Cindy Levey, MPH has decades of experience designing, implementing and evaluating innovative and sustainable community benefit programs. During her 21 years at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, most recently as Executive Director of Community Benefit and Social Responsibility Systems, Cindy provided leadership and expertise for all aspects of community benefit regulatory compliance. This includes data collection, annual Community Benefit reporting, CHNAs/Implementation Strategies and Schedule H narratives. Additionally, she significantly improved the organization’s capacity to report, analyze and utilize data. Cindy also built system-wide initiatives in community benefit, community health, and social determinants of health. She strengthened community benefit and social responsibility strategic planning efforts, led program evaluation efforts, and guided strategic grantmaking.  Read more. Also see: linkedin.com/in/cindylevey


Needs Assessments


Healthy Communities Institute

The Needs Assessment Report system from the Healthy Communities Institute is a web-based information system that can be embedded within your hospital or health system websites, or used as a stand alone community website. The system helps hospitals and health systems meet IRS 990 and Health Care Reform requirements related to community needs assessment. Specifically the system provides a constantly updated dashboard of over 100 indicators for your service area, links to promising practices to plan evidenced-based community benefit, and provides customized reports and other tools to improve community health.  Read More

Holleran Consulting

Holleran is a national research and consulting firm that specializes in community health needs assessment research, strategic planning, and stakeholder research. Holleran partners with hospitals, public health agencies, and others not only to conduct community research, but to also successfully integrate that research into strategic planning, community benefit initiatives, and community health improvement activities.  Read More

PRC Community Health Needs Assessments

Identify health disparities, integrate social determinants of health, and track progress with PRC’s Community Health Needs Assessment solutions. PRC’s approach gives you the most current, targeted and actionable data to facilitate collaboration, prioritize health needs, and support implementation and evaluation strategies. Our product includes detailed written analyses, as well as our HealthForecast.net® online indicator system.

A national leader in CHNA research since 1993, more than 300 communities across the US have implemented PRC’s CHNA tools to address population health, satisfy IRS requirements, establish funding priorities and/or meet accreditation standards.

Contact: Bruce Lockwood, Director, Community Health Division
Phone: (877) 247-9471; Fax: (800) 553-4500; email:bruce@prconline.com  Read More

Moxley Public Health

Moxley Public Health utilizes a collaborative public health approach that is data-driven and evidence-based to solve problems and produce useful results through your organization’s community health needs assessment (CHNA/CHA) and improvement plan (CHIP) / implementation strategy. MPH puts “community” back in community health and creates reports that are approachable, visually-appealing and useable. We offer both a CHNA/CHA and Implementation Strategy/CHIP full-service consulting option (where we do all the heavy lifting of the CHNA/CHA process for you!) AND a toolbox package option (where you get all the tools, templates, and guidelines to complete your CHNA/CHA process and reports and save hundreds of hours!). Check out our work samples and contact us for a quote today!  Read More


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