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CBISA™ for Senior Living

CBISA Senior LivingCBISA™ takes your social accountability reporting to the next level. You are also able to customize the features within CBISA™ to track and report just what interests you and your stakeholders. As your initiative grows, so can your software! Link records together through the Relationship Manager and run comprehensive reports. One software does it all!

Features of CBISA™ for Senior Living include:


It all begins with Community Needs

  • Upload or enter identified community needs
  • Prioritize the needs
  • Document plans to meet the needs; evaluate impact
  • Track significant changes in the needs


List your organization’s Goals

  • Internal (organizational) or external (community-wide)
  • Link back to Needs and forward to all related records


Keep track of collaborators with Partnerships

  • Who are they?
  • What are their interests?
  • What programs are they already involved in?

Programs & Statistics

Track Social Accountability Programs & Statistics

  • Keep track of who, what, where and why
  • Report hours, persons served, expenses and revenues


  • Financial Assistance, Medicaid, Other Means-tested programs, Optional Medicare and Bad Debt


Measure progress with Indicators

  • Build and track unlimited numbers and types of indicators
  • Record quantifiable or anecdotal baseline, target and actual measurements

Narratives & Outcomes

Tell the rest of the story with Narratives

  • All of your stories in one centralized location
  • Organize by subject

Record your Outcomes

  • What is your impact?
  • Are you making a difference?

Relationship Manager

Link it together with the Relationship Manager

  • Link Needs, Goals, Partnerships, Programs, Indicators, Outcomes and Narratives
  • Run comprehensive reports showing data and linkages

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