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CBISA™ for Education

CBISA Plus™ for EducationCBISA helps you collect, track and report your community engagement efforts to your many stakeholders. House your service-learning, civic engagement, community-based research, and donations all in one central, cloud-based software. The data collected can also be used to help you complete applications for grants and sections of the President’s Honor Roll and Carnegie Classification. Make comprehensive reporting very easy.

Features of CBISA for Education include:


It all begins with Community Needs

  • Upload or enter community needs
  • Prioritize the needs
  • Document plans to meet the needs; evaluate impact
  • Track significant changes in needs


Record your institution’s Goals

  • Internal (organizational) or external (community-wide)
  • Link back to Needs and forward to Indicators


Keep track of collaborators with Partnerships

  • Who are they?
  • What are their interests?
  • What programs are they already involved in?

Programs & Statistics

Community Engagement Programs & Statistics

  • Keep track of who, what, where and why
  • Report hours, persons served, expenses and revenues
  • Include community based learning, volunteerism, donations and grants


Measure progress with Indicators

  • Build and track unlimited numbers and types of indicators
  • Record quantifiable or anecdotal baseline, target and actual measurements
  • Report your institution’s impact in the community

Narratives & Outcomes

Tell the rest of the story with Narratives

  • All of your stories in one centralized location
  • Organize by subject

Record your Outcomes

  • What is your impact?
  • Are you making a difference?

Relationship Manager

Link it together with the Relationship Manager

  • Link Needs, Goals, Partnerships, Programs, Indicators, Outcomes and Narratives
  • Run comprehensive reports showing data and linkages

We welcome the opportunity to share with you how CBISA for Education can help you with your community benefit reporting initiatives. If you would like to learn more, go ahead and schedule a free call today.