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CBISA™ for Sustainability

cbisa-for-sustainabilityCBISA takes your sustainability reporting to the next level. You will be able to track and report all of your community needs, whether they be environmental, economic, or social. Data collected in the Needs module will help you map out your sustainability goals for the future.

CBISA will help you record and report any of your organization’s goals and track the progress toward meeting them with quantifiable metrics. You can also track plans and approaches, community investments, partnerships, outcomes and any narratives that help paint a picture of all the good your company does in the world. Finally, you can link records together through CBISA’s Relationship Manager and run comprehensive reports. One software does it all.

Features of CBISA for Sustainability include:


It all begins with Community Needs

    • Identify and track significant…
  • Economic needs
  • Environmental needs
  • Social needs


Record your organization’s Goals

  • Track community goals
  • Establish company goals to address the identified needs


Keep track of collaborators with Partnerships

  • Maintain information on partners, e.g. areas of interest
  • Record active partnerships/collaborations including joint programs
  • Evaluate effectiveness of partnerships

Programs & Statistics

Programs & Contributions

  • Record financial contributions and grants to community causes
  • Track contribution of employee time

Indicators & Measurements

Measure progress with Indicators

  • Establish your own customizable indicators
  • Measure your actual progress against baseline and targets
  • Build unlimited indicators

Outcomes & Narratives

Record the impact your organization causes or contributes to:

  • Economically
  • Environmentally
  • Socially

Tell the rest of the story with Narratives

  • All stories in one centralized location
  • Organized by category and subject
  • Great for awards, recognitions, plans, management approaches, materiality notes, stories, and anecdotes

Relationship Manager

Link it together with the Relationship Manager

  • Link Needs, Goals, Partnerships, Programs, Indicators, Outcomes and Narratives
  • Run comprehensive reports showing data and linkages

We welcome the opportunity to share with you how CBISA for Sustainability can help you with your community benefit reporting initiatives. If you would like to learn more, go ahead and schedule a free call today.