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A Note From Trina: 2013 Stars of the Field, AHA Awards

Posted by: | Posted on: October 7, 2013

I joined Lyon Software in February 2006 and since that time I have had the privilege of meeting some of the brightest minds and most compassionate, caring people in the world of community benefit.  I was once again reminded of the commitment of many not-for-profit hospitals to serving the needs of their communities while reading the August, 2013 issue of H & HN.  The hospitals who received the AHA awards not only rise to the top by providing excellent medical care, but by constantly looking “upstream” and implementing innovative programs to keep people healthy.

And, as an added bonus, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of these cutting edge healthcare providers since they have chosen to use Lyon Software’s CBISA™ program as the tool for collecting, tracking and reporting community benefit.  While all of the hospitals receiving awards are to be commended, here’s a special “shout out” to those I know personally.

The following hospitals received the Citation of Merit award.  With co-sponsors of SSM and Felician Services, Inc., St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia, IL looks to provide exceptional patient care, exceptional commitment from employees and physicians and exceptional financial performance and growth-the “Exceptionals” (H & HN, pg. 28). Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC has made strides and been successful in the areas of quality and patient safety, but are not content to remain with the status quo.  Steven Lawler, president of Vidant Medical Center, says that even with all of their successes “We still haven’t reached our full potential.” (pg. 29)

The AHA Nova Award winners are “recognized for improving community health by looking beyond patients’ physical ailments, rooting out the economic or social barriers to care, and collaborating with other community stakeholders.” (pg. 30)  Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes, IN seeks to serve isolated communities with help from volunteers and retired nurses while Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems in Bangor, ME works with a collaboration of twelve partners from “competitors to the community college” with the goal of meeting the needs of the community.  St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chippewa Falls, WI launched CHIP (Chippewa Health Improvement Partnership) in 1994 and continues to work with schools, churches, senior centers and other partners to meet the needs of their community.  Current programs have allowed St. Joseph’s to help establish a federally qualified dental center and provide information and resources regarding food deserts.

Kootenai Health and Texas Children’s Hospital both won “The Most Wired Innovator Award”.  Kootenai Health chose not to outsource their IT to ensure accountability and reliability.  CIO Steve Garske is quoted in the article saying “In the end, it is not just technology that we deliver, but service.”  (pg. 45)  Lyon Software shares this goal with the medical center!  For Texas Children’s in Houston, it’s all about communicating.  Through their innovative RCS (Rapid Communication System), they have developed a system that allows their staff to receive information about “who’s online, their availability status and message-received confirmation.” (pg. 46)

Congratulations 2013 award winners for a job well done! Thank you for a having a strong commitment to your community and providing leadership and guidance as we enter the second curve of healthcare.

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