Many Training Options to Suit Your Needs

Lyon Software offers many CBISA and CBISA Plus training options. Whether you are a small critical access hospital, single site CCRC, large hospital system, or multi-facility Senior Living organization, there is a CBISA training to fit your needs and budget. We offer a set of standard training options, including webinar and on-site courses, that cover the topics that are important to you and organization. If your organization’s unique needs are not fulfilled by one of our standard options, follow the link at the bottom of this page to our Custom Training options.

Lyon Software hosts the following regularly occurring training opportunities:

What’s New with CBISA PLUS™

Learn about the most recent changes to CBISA Plus™ during this free webinar session.


CBISA Plus Basic™ Training

CBISA Plus Basic™ Training is a hands-on training course to provide new CBISA™ users basic information to get them started using CBISA™. This course is designed for administrators, coordinators, and finance personnel responsible for capturing, tracking, and reporting community benefit statistics, narratives, and outcomes. This course is a full day, hands-on training with assignments and practical application exercises and discussion. All attendees should have already subscribed to CBISA™. A training manual, lunch, and snacks are provided.
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CBISA plus Advanced™ Training

CBISA Plus Advanced™ is a course designed specifically for community benefit professionals that covers a variety of topics. This course is a full day, hands-on training with opportunities to connect with other class participants and engage in meaningful discussion about “lessons learned from the field” and best practices. All attendees should have a basic level of experience and understanding of CBISA™ (data entry, defaults, previewing reports) and community benefit (definitions, categories, importance). A training manual, lunch, and snacks are provided.

  • Advanced Training covers “hot topics” such as: IRS 990 Schedule H, CHNA, Evaluating Impact
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CBISA PLUS™ Free Web Training

Lyon Software offers free web training courses to provide new CBISA™ users basic information to get them started using CBISA™. Training sessions, which typically last 60 minutes, are offered each month. If the participant views all six sessions, s/he will be trained in all aspects of training by month end. These webinars are also a great option for experienced CBISA™ users who need a refresher. You’re welcome to repeat the sessions as often as necessary.
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Or, we can come to you! For On-Site and Custom Training options, click here.