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What are your three words for 2017?

Posted by: | Posted on: January 6, 2017

I read an article by Tom Hood, CPA,CITP,CGMA on LinkedIn entitled “My Three Words for 2017”.  According to the story, Mr. Hood selects three words each year, defines what those words mean for him and his organization and then strives to “live out” each concept throughout the coming year.  It’s been his practice for the last 8 years and says the words “should serve as your beacon to help you see through the fog and stay on your chosen course throughout the year.”

I was inspired to choose my three words for 2017:  Proactive, Patient and Purposeful.

Proactive – I believe in anticipating what our clients need before they even know they need it!    In my role as Vice President, I oversee our Sales and Marketing, Customer Support, and Training team members.  For Sales and Marketing, being proactive is thinking about who might benefit from our software and figuring out how best to present the information.  Customer Support is all about answering a question with documentation and webinars before it’s asked.  And proactive training is finding out what the client wants to do with their data and then customizing their session to meet their needs.  In 2017 my goal is to get better at thinking AND executing proactively.

Three WordsPatient – There are new features and functionality that I know would benefit our clients; however, it takes patience to prioritize the needs
from the wants.  Anyone who has ever worked for a small company knows that your greatest resource is your employees and your weakest link is time.  So, in 2017 I resolve to be more patient with the process of developing the best product we can and using my most limiting resource [time] wisely.  Which brings me to my third word…

Purposeful – With the time I have each day, I want to devote myself completely to making a difference.  2017 is a new year and brings with it a new purpose.  My hope is that everything I accomplish this year will matter…matter to my clients, colleagues and community!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!

To read the original article by Tom Hood, click here.

4 Comments to What are your three words for 2017?

  1. Brittany Younts says:

    What a good way to start out a new year! My three words are : Simple, Service and Adventure!

  2. Dave Lyon says:

    My three words are: Organize, Plan and Travel!

  3. Crystal Mann says:

    What a great concept! I think mine would have to be optimism, growth, and exploration.

  4. Marcie Dunn says:

    Great idea and I love your word choice Trina! My three words for 2017 are Peace, Prosperity and Integrity.

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