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How did you celebrate Earth Day 2017?

Posted by: | Posted on: April 26, 2017

This past weekend, one of the biggest trending topics across social media was #EarthDay. One of the more catchy taglines that I saw relating to the topic was the quote “There is no Planet B”. Earth Day is a great reminder to take care of the environment that we all share. Just like our bodies, it’s the only one we get.

Thousands of clean-up projects were carried out in communities across the US and the world. In my neighborhood, there were dozens of volunteers cleaning out the banks of the Ottawa River on Saturday morning. It was really something to see just how much trash was pulled out of the area. There was even one piece of Styrofoam as big as a medium sized loveseat. All of this trash likely came from the water.

EarthDay Picking Trash

This past Friday, Lyon Software also took part in the clean-up efforts of Earth Day. We even had company shirts made for the occasion! We celebrated the day by cleaning up the green spaces around our office complex. Our team split up into groups of three, and over the course of one hour, collected five bags of trash.

One of the ways we made it fun is by counting how many different fast food places the garbage came from. In our group, we collected trash from eight restaurants. That’s a lot of burger wrappers and cups!

EarthDay Dave Picking Trash

When we came to work on the following Monday, the area looked a lot different. The fence lines were clean for the first time in months. There was no more trash sticking out from the plants in all of the beds. Now when we go for our walks around the complex it’s nice to see that the area looks a lot healthier.

That garbage didn’t get there all in one day. Obviously, it took several months for it to accumulate. However, it only took our team one hour to remove it, and it felt good for all of us to be a part of that. (Plus, we got out of the office for an hour on a Friday – you can’t beat that!)

It didn’t take much time or effort to clean up our office space – just the commitment to get out and do it. By taking part in Earth Day, it served all of us with a reminder that we should be more proactive to keep our environment clean on a regular basis. After all, “There is no Planet B”.

Earth Day Lyonsoftware Staff 2017

What will you do to improve the areas where you live and work?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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