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CBISA™, CFOs and IRS Form 990 Schedule H

Posted by: | Posted on: August 12, 2009

Lyon Software is announcing a new webinar entitled “CBISA™, CFOs and IRS 990 Schedule H”. This free 45 minute webinar will be conducted by our President, Doug Lyon, CPA.

As a follow up to our successful “CBISA™ and the IRS 990H” multi-city educational workshops, we are pleased to offer yet another opportunity for CFOs, Finance, and community benefit professionals to learn more about the requirements of the IRS 990H and CBISA™. The webinar is offered to you at no cost and will be available on a variety of dates and times.

Who should attend?

  • Hospital and Health System CFOs
  • Finance staff members
  • Community benefit staff members
  • Additional hospital employees collecting IRS 990 Schedule H information

Topics covered include:

  • Role of Finance and CBISA™
  • Role of community benefit staff and CBISA™
  • How CBISA™ supports every part of Schedule H (Part I, II, III, and VI)
  • Review audit and oversight tips for finance
  • Discuss effective use of standard cost and job cost concepts in CBISA™
  • Refresher of IRS 990 Schedule H requirements

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why a systematic methodology is necessary for most hospitals to organize a wide variety of information – from Charity Care to blood pressure screenings – required by 990 Schedule H
  • Learn how the country’s most widely used community benefit software system, CBISA™, handles all of the Schedule H information
  • Learn how Schedule H requires and CBISA™ facilitates an effective team effort, especially between finance and community benefit staff

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