How do you IMPACT the community you serve?

Take your community benefit reporting to the next level. Collect data for not only the IRS 990 Schedule H, but also for your Implementation Strategy.


Whether you are starting a Social Accountability initiative or getting your current programs organized, CBISA for Senior Living will help organize, track and report your impact on your community.



Collect data from your Community/Civic Engagement programs and show your community how you make a positive impact. Answers the question “Why is your organization tax exempt?”

Collect Numbers and Stories

CBISA features a blend of both statistical and narrative information, allowing you to not just crunch numbers, but to also describe your group’s intangible, yet very real contributions in the form of stories and anecdotes.

We know.

We know your organization’s contributions to the community go far beyond primary services. You impact your community’s health and quality of life in so many ways. You make your world a better place.

We know. Do they?

Telling the story of your organization’s community involvement is crucial. That’s why Lyon Software has developed its CBISA™ (Community Benefit Inventory for Social Accountability) software, a unique, comprehensive way for you to measure your organization’s impact on the community it serves. We know how involved you are in your communities, but do they?

Let CBISA help you tell your story.